Interview Dr. Paul Radde, Ph.D. author and creator of Thrival!

Thrival expert, Paul Radde, Ph.D. offers tools to go beyond survival in the workplace and actually thrive – a vital attitude and skillset in today’s challenging economy.

Bio: Paul O. Radde, Ph.D.

Dr. Paul O. RaddeRecognized as an original thinker, thought leader, author and psychologist, Dr. Paul Radde is THE expert on how to Thrive – what he calls Thrival. This state of being is the highest approach to living (really living) your life. The goal is to go beyond survival to actually thrive in the workplace and in daily life. Thrival is the richest sustainable experience of your life.

As a consultant and professional speaker, Dr. Radde teams with executives and business professionals around the globe to tackle organizational development issues as well as to teach Thrival skills. When consulting, speaking and training, Dr. Radde provides specific practices, steps, and skills that employees at all levels can apply. He outlines these steps in his thought-provoking book, Thrival! How to Have an Above Average Day Every Day.

Armed with new knowledge, skills and attitude (or Innertude™), readers and audience members can immediately achieve and sustain that feeling of success: Thrival. In short, they can thrive every day!

Leading-edge corporations, government entities, and other organizations understand that a thriving workforce translates to:

  • Employee engagement, immersion, and creativity
  • Employee initiative fostering instigation of projects
  • Effective teamwork and collaboration
  • Increased productivity and service delivery
  • Meeting strategic goals with bottom-line benefits
  • A more grounded confidence on the job and an exhilarating life!

Where did Thrival originate? As a child, Paul carried a burden of guilt as a result of his mother having died in childbirth. As children will do, Paul thought he was responsible for her death and that he was potentially a malicious, dangerous person. This inhibited his full expression for decades. However, life experience and exploration through psychology helped with self-knowledge. And during one weekend retreat, he was struck with a transformative realization: He was not malicious. He was a good person! For months, he felt light, alert, and alive. Not a manic state, this was living life at the highest level possible: Thrival!

Throughout his career, Dr. Radde sought to identify the skills, attitude, and tangible steps necessary to make the transition from survival to Thrival. And beyond Thrival, he sought to sustain the Thrival state of being.

Every day, Dr. Paul Radde seeks to live at the highest possible level. An outdoorsman, he has engaged in 6-day “solos” in nature in the San Juan Mountains. Paul thrives at home in Austin, Texas, with a daily helping of music and racquetball. His outdoor activities are primarily horseback riding on cattle and horse roundups, skiing, biking, and hiking.


Education, experience and recognitions

  • Ph.D. in counseling and community psychology, University of Texas at Austin
  • National Institute of Mental Health Fellowship in community mental health
  • Master’s degree in educational psychology, with a concentration in developmental psychology and cultural anthropology, University of Texas at Austin
  • Bachelor’s degree in the Great Books Program and Spanish, University of Notre Dame
  • Organizational development consultant, specializing in leadership, management, communication issues as well as executive coaching and presentation skills coaching
  • More than three decades as a professional speaker, providing keynotes, workshops, and seminars nationally and internationally to hundreds of associations, corporations, healthcare organizations, and government agencies (view client list)
  • Authored several books, multiple articles, and CD programs including:
    • Thrival! How to Have an Above Average Day Every Day
    • Seating Matters: State of the Art Seating Arrangements
    • The Supervision Transition!
    • Supervising: A Guide for All Levels
    • Benefits of the Trait of High Perception in Oneself and Others
  • More than four decades as a practicing psychologist, treating adults and families with an emphasis on life transitions, sustainable change, personal and professional effectiveness, and thriving
  • Work history highlights include:
    • Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.: Taught Master’s Program course: “Organizational Behavior”
    • National Louis University, Vienna, VA.: Adjunct Faculty Member in the Masters in Management Program
    • Texas State Department of Human Resources, Austin, TX. Education Director, (provided first-line supervisory training to those moving into supervisory roles)

Professional Memberships

  • NSA/Austin Chapter – current Board Member
  • SIETAR – Society for Intercultural Education, Training & Research
  • NSA/DC Chapter – past Board Member
  • NSA/Colorado Chapter: past Board Member
  • American Psychological Association and DC Psychological Association
  • National Speakers Association: Served as the Ethics Chair, served as the Logistics Chair for 4 National Speakers Association national conventions and several mid-winter conferences, founder of Study Group: Magic Moments in Speaking