Dr. Paul Radde, Ph.D., is an original thinker with uniquely honed skills, broadly diverse experience and authority, and a track record of results

As an organization development consultant, I specialize in leadership, management skills, and interpersonal influence issues. With over three decades as a practicing psychologist, coupled with corporate and organizational consulting, I am a “quick study” and excellent diagnostician of your organization dynamics. I quickly assess the issue and get to the heart of the matter. Often, this includes picking up on patterns, themes, mind sets, trajectories and the organizational culture.

When consulting with a corporation, government entity, or non-profit organization, I work on three levels:

1. Professional performance

I guide individual employees at all levels by replacing dysfunctional personal behaviors that detract from productivity with effective, efficient professional practices. This confidential aspect of my work with individuals may involve confrontation on issues drawing on my psychological background, and has included dealing with substance abuse, self-destructive behaviors, and even redirecting the founder of a software firm into new and productive endeavors.

2. Supervisory and management training and intervention

A decade-long tendency to displace basic management training under the aegis of “leadership” has left supervisors, individual managers, team leaders, project managers, and even executives with little or no training in the foundational skills and practices of basic supervision. My consulting and facilitated seminars seek to remedy this situation. My background in management and supervisory training includes authoring Supervising: A Guide for All Levels, which was used corporate-wide by 3M in first-line supervisory training and also became a desktop guide.

3. Organizational systems

My consulting work with organizational systems has included dealing with mergers, downsizing, succession and transition planning, collaboration seminars, business relocation, morale issues, and conflict resolution. Organizational development and community psychology are big-picture approaches, my bread and butter as a consultant. I boil down large amounts of data, which leads to providing new insights, functions, syntheses, and perspectives. In fact, I bring new thoughts, perspectives, and ideas to the table, which translate into more collaborative professional practices and, sometimes, innovative ideas for new products and services.

I invite you to read several consulting case studies and contact me – everything you tell me will be held in complete confidence. I look forward to talking with you.