A track record of impactful presentations

I strive to advance your goals and support your people. Every keynote is highly customized throughout and attuned to your group. In fact, my preferred outcome is the rare “silent ovation” in which audience members are so reflective and deep in thought – and our connection so profound – that they do not applaud. This actually happens!

I invite you to contact me to discuss a presentation for your group. This may also include coaching your in-house presenters on how to enhance their presentations, and how to improve the learning environment to promote engagement and forge relationships.

Thrival! The Richest Experience of Your Life

Skills to sustain "that feeling" of personal and professional success

Life can be so much more! Define your success with a third metric of satisfaction and fulfillment that is sustainable. Lay the groundwork for exceptional self-care. You can develop a positive charge with high energy, attention, presence, poise, and composure.

In a Thrival state, you increase your energy by reducing energy drains, gain peace of mind and deep serenity, and sustain that feeling of joy that comes with success.

In this presentation, Dr. Paul O. Radde explores the guidelines to access a “state of exceptional well being,” that defines “Thrival.” These are techniques and strategies you can immediately apply to your professional and personal life to make every day an above-average day. You, your family, your work team, and your entire organization can experience the richest experience of your lives.

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You Must Be Present to Win, Lead & Succeed!

Craft an Authentic Presence

You can tell when someone is simply going through the motions while the person who is truly present demonstrates undivided attention and is genuinely responsive. Presence is more than just showing up – it is the key to being effective in all areas of life.

As a leader, supervisor, salesperson, or individual contributor, you are more effective, have less stress, achieve more, build stronger relationships, and enjoy life by being fully present. And, authentic presence is a skill that can be learned, and is needed, especially in this age of distraction and overwhelm.

Psychologist and author, Paul O. Radde, Ph.D. has developed activities and exercises you can immediately apply to develop your inner awareness, attention and focus, so you can develop a more commanding and persuasive presence.

Packed with real-world tips, tools and techniques, you will leave this session ready to take the experience back into your life, not just your job. Be more present every day. You will know how to connect with others, offer your undivided attention, listen deeply, and respond earnestly. Your lights are on and you are indeed home. Remember, you must be present to win, lead, and succeed! Immerse yourself in your own life.

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Thrive on Change

Develop Resilience, Response-Agility™, Antifragility

It is actually possible to anticipate trends, live in the moment, get room to take a breath, and enjoy the chaotic unrolling of events. Believe it!

In this lively, positive presentation, you will learn proactive steps to thrive on change, make career/professional transitions, and gain specific skills and strengths to live peacefully and productively “in the eye of the storm.” The pace of life and work has increased. Ride that wave! Let it fuel your thriving.

Dr. Paul will customize this presentation for your group, which may include these objectives:

  • Focus on three things you can control, no matter what is going on around you.
  • Clarify what in your life is fixed, negotiable, or choice.
  • Anticipate, detect, and influence industry trends and reduce surprises.
  • Determine specific mindsets, mentalities, and barriers that block your ability to respond.
  • Reveal the costs of the “survival mentality” to your business.
  • Learn how to deal with info-mania, what is inevitable, and unavoidable.
  • Spot leaders who are credible and sources that provide best practices.
  • Assess your operation to create a fully functioning team, then enhance collaboration from all employees.
  • Develop inside-out stress management techniques to cope with uncertainty, energy drains, and rapid change.

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Three Factors You Can Control

Reduce stress, restore life balance, satisfaction, and fulfillment

Hans Selye, the father of stress management, said that had he known the English language better, he would have used the word “strain”, not “stress.” You can learn to reduce the strain on your system – the daily wear and tear of stressors – by learning specific techniques to interrupt and manage the buildup of stress. Beyond that you can begin to strengthen yourself mentally and physically to transform stress in the future.

Being totally alive means that each of us must establish and monitor what is satisfying and fulfilling in our lives. Therefore, we need to explore the difficulties we encounter surrounding our attention and our nutrition. And we must make wise choices.

Meanwhile, pressure abounds from:

  • Relentless advertising to consume mindlessly, which can result in obesity, diabetes, binge drinking, malnutrition, bulimia, anorexia, debt, anxiety, and other challenges
  • Junk food manufacturers and flavor engineers who create “craving”
  • Seemingly impossible parenting expectations, dual-career couples, and sandwich-generation issues
  • Food sweeteners, supplements, and practices that weaken you

In this frank and open presentation, Dr. Radde challenges audience members to own their strength and become more self-accepting and more confident by gaining internal approval. He guides you to begin with improved realistic daily practices, e.g. meditation; attitude, and thought processes beginning with fundamentals. These include deep breathing, sleeping, and good nutrition in an economy of excess, food fads, body image, and general imbalance. He offers inspiration and guidelines for each of us to restore healthy life balance, satisfaction, and fulfillment. Key learnings include adding time in your day through presence to build up positive energy to support your daily life, for enhanced living, and for long-term health. This is a practical workshop with an immediate, positive impact for your participants – and your organization!

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