Why am I dedicated to Thrival?
Because it can lift your life - and your organization.

Dr. Paul O. Radde

Personal note from Paul O. Radde, Ph.D.

As a child, I carried a burden of guilt as a result of my mother having died in childbirth. As children will do, I thought I was responsible for her death and that I was potentially a malicious, dangerous person. This inhibited my full expression for decades. However, life experience and personal exploration helped with self-knowledge. And during one weekend retreat, I was struck with a transformative realization: I was not malicious. I was trustworthy!

This awareness offered newfound freedom. The burden of guilt fell away. I felt a lightness of being. For months, I was sharp, confident, perceptive, and alert. I was my true self, my own best person, and truly had the richest experience of my life. Every graduate class project went smoothly. Every meal tasted delicious. Sleep was deep. Every breath had a menthol coolness. This wasn’t a manic state. This was living life at the highest sustainable level: Thrival! This experience was simply too important not to share, and so I have devoted the last four decades of my life to doing so.

The entry of Arianna Huffington’s book, Thrive, and the “Third Metric” of satisfaction and fulfillment as a measure of success for women in the workplace, together with her up to date research on the value of reducing stressors; directly reinforces and complements my approach to Thrival.

20140818_radde_16Why is it important to thrive?

Do you want to feel alive, vigorous? Enjoy every day to the fullest? Find joy and beauty in the simple things? Of course, we all do. Fueled by my personal journey, I sought to discover how to help bring out the best in people. How we can make the transition from surviving to thriving, from a survival to a thrival mentality. Over time, I have identified an approach through Thrival Systems®: the knowledge, skills, attitude, and foundational steps to achieve and sustain the transition to that Thrival state of being.

How is Thrival critical as a personal tool?

It is important to know that you can control important factors in your life, even choose to make every day a “blue sky day,” without relying on spontaneous serendipity! You can learn how to thrive – well beyond subsistence – both in the workplace and in daily life. Attitude is essential. Thriving depends upon your inner stance, not your circumstance.

I call this your Innertude™. You owe it to yourself (and to others) to enrich your life experience, inside and out.

How is Thrival critical in the workplace?

As a consultant and professional speaker, I teach Thrival-based skills and topics to executives and business professionals around the globe. Their goal is to optimize the workplace and actually thrive on a daily basis. This is a vital asset in today’s competitive environment.

I invite you to learn more about my services: Consulting, Keynotes, Workshops, Meeting Professionals and my Thrival! book. Contact me directly, and I will guide you toward Thrival presence, and your organization toward a transformative environment in which everyone can thrive.