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Meeting Professionals have told me that I talk to the experience and the “insides” of their audiences. Even in these interactive, participatory workshops, there is often much quiet head-nodding as participants recognize concepts that apply to them – then digest these learnings. This results in long-term value for the individual employee and for their organization (much more than with motivational talks).

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Sustain "that feeling" of personal and professional success

Thrival!Life can be so much more! You can develop a positive charge with high energy, attention, presence, poise, and composure. In a Thrival state, you increase your energy by reducing energy drains, gain peace of mind and deep serenity, and sustain that feeling of joy that comes with success.

In this workshop or facilitated seminar session, Dr. Paul Radde explores the guidelines to access a state of exceptional wellbeing which he defines as “Thrival.” Learn techniques and strategies you can immediately apply to your professional and personal life to make every day an above-average day – for you, your family, your work team, and your entire organization.

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How to Influence Decision-Makers

Sell your ideas, issues, projects, and programs

No matter how low your position in the organization, you can influence decision-makers and develop credibility. This highly participative session shows you how to influence your manager, colleagues, team members, committee members, subordinates, and legislators – even your local PTA or City Council!

In this practical – yet strategic – session, Dr. Radde offers insights, steps, and specific techniques. You will learn how to gain acceptance for your projects, programs, ideas, or issues. Workshop highlights include:

  • Work on a specific live idea, project, program, or issue you want to promote
  • Distinguish influence from manipulation
  • Create a comprehensive, classic, and generic strategy
  • Apply the Myers-Briggs Personality Type and Temperament
  • Consider the political context or climate in which you work
  • Learn two principles: the Velcro Effect™ and the Platinum Rule
  • Rehearse a meeting between influencer and decision-maker

This engaging and interactive skill-building course brings participants instant empowerment. Detect ways to be more effective in your job, take new initiatives, and rehearse strategies to influence others and gain acceptance for your ideas!

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Beyond Teambuilding to Collaboration

A silo busting collaboration workshop

While teambuilding workshops abound, collaboration is seldom covered. This session offers a proven track record of success. Dr. Paul Radde’s 80% interactive collaboration session addresses actual intra- and inter-departmental collaboration and morale, head-on. This powerful approach will bust silos by boosting engagement, enhancing teamwork, productivity, and interaction within (and between) departments.

Agreements made in this session are worked through directly and scheduled for implementation back on the job. Therefore, this session works best with all team members present and the teams’ leaders participating. Key activities include conducting an assessment of current working collaboration between colleagues, then discussing, negotiating, and enhancing collaboration with other team members (or individuals in other departments) to create partnerships within teams and between work units.

Progress made during this session takes effect immediately! Powerful and highly effective, each participant leaves the session with new clarity and an action plan to improve collaboration.

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Prevent Overwhelm, Overload, and Burnout

Restore Daily Balance and Resilience

Hans Selye, the father of stress management, said that had he known English better, he would not have used the word “stress.” Instead, he would have used “strain.” You can learn to reduce the strain on your system – the daily wear and tear of stressors – by learning specific techniques to interrupt and manage the buildup of stress. Ultimately you can increase your stress tolerance, becoming not just resilient, but antifragile!

In this interactive workshop, Dr.Radde directs participants to discover and assess the unique stressors in their lifestyle, environment, and organization, including the digital tsunami. Next, participants practice three techniques to interrupt stress buildup. And they learn specific skills to reduce, reverse, and prevent stress and strain in the future.

Key learnings include making time in your day to recuperate and revive, to build up positive energy to support your daily activities, for enhanced living, and for long-term health. This is a practical workshop with an immediate and long-term positive impact for your participants – and your organization! Dr. Radde has worked with over 7,000 on stress management and professional burnout, including the NYPD Police Chiefs and NASA.

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You Must Be Present to Win, Lead & Succeed

Craft an Authentic Presence

Your “attention” is a limited commodity. Advertisers get paid to capture and hold it. Technology and the world at large easily distract it. But maintaining your focus requires that you learn techniques to repossess and manage this precious commodity. And this focus is essential to maintain your presence on a daily basis.

A practical and eye-opening workshop, you will uncover the momentary and continuing distractions at play in your daily life. Next, you will learn techniques to begin stabilizing your attention. These mental practices are designed to bring you back to your presence, purpose, goals, and objectives.

The result? When you keep your attention, you will effectively invest your time and energy on a continual basis. You will stay on track and stay productive. You will advance – and complete – your tasks, projects, and strategies.

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Appreciating the Trait of High Perception

Benefits of the highly perceptive trait in yourself and others

Do you – or does someone you know – pick up on subtle cues, nuances and contextual meaning? Are you empathic, intuitive, and creative? These are the traits of highly perceptive individuals. Representing about 15-20% of the population, these individuals are conscientious and self-managing, with high integrity.

Due to a finely calibrated nervous system, highly perceptive people notice more in their environment. In fact, they tend to be more sensitive to noise, lighting, medication, food additives, and effluents in the air as well as the moods of others. Plus, they have heightened needs for sanctuary, solitude, adequate sleep, and regeneration.

As a practicing psychologist, Dr. Paul Radde considers it vital for highly perceptive people to understand and appreciate their inherited trait and to consciously use their unique gifts professionally and personally.

If you are a highly perceptive person, you will learn how to tap into the strengths within yourself. If you are a supervisor with highly perceptive team members, this program offers insights to understand and support these employees – and bring out their best.

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Seating Matters

Meeting Architecture that forges relationships and promotes engagement

Seating MattersMeeting professional: Add more engagement and face-to-face contact to your meetings, optimize the learning environment, and increase capacity! Learn how to improve line of sight, comfort, safety, dynamics, and networking.

In this workshop, you will experience 3 room sets, practice 3 seating principles, and underline 12 factors that will help you troubleshoot any meeting setup. Capture tips for design, AV, traffic flow, noise abatement, lighting, meeting ADA requirements, and adapting dual-use venues (e.g., meeting/meal). And learn how to accommodate surprise, last-minute registrations!

Objectives include:

  • Calculate the number and impact of seating hours
  • Challenge the meeting industry mindset that straight rows produce the highest capacity
  • Experience the problem with straight rows: Demonstration and re-set
  • Apply three principles for setting and troubleshooting any room
  • Explore the advantages of curved-row seating: Dynamics, demonstration, and re-set
  • Learn design tips to take home and apply immediately
  • Observe twelve + factors to fine tune your meeting room

Paul O. Radde’s Key Tips for Event Seating

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