A presentation that is both life-lifting and practical:
Look to a seasoned, content rich speaker, an original thinker, to inspire and transform your group

As you know, many professional speakers talk about leadership, management, communication, change, and stress. What makes me different? As a keynoter, facilitator, and trainer, my topics all relate to my central theme of Thrival! – the key to thriving (zestful living) in the workplace and in life.

Over the years, I’ve built strong relationships with event planners in hundreds of associations, corporations, government entities, and non-profit organizations. These professionals call me repeatedly – and they rely on me – to connect with their group, present ahead-of-the-curve and content-rich keynotes and seminars, and offer true insights applicable on the job and in life.

In short, my presentations make a difference – for individual participants and for the organization as a whole.

Dr. Paul O. Radde literally wrote the book on Thrival!I invite you to call me. I would love to talk with you about how, together, we can promote a thriving workplace that sparks employee engagement and initiative, increases productivity, improves teamwork and collaboration, and contributes to bottom-line results.

Meeting professionals rave

"Paul, your popular presentation, 'Outer Calm through Inner Conflict Resolution,' earned a nearly perfect score on our evaluations."Director, ASAE Management Conference
"If you are going to customize this much, you will have to charge more."Association Executive
"Dr. Radde, your session received the highest ratings."Director of Membership, Nurses Association of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Attendees rave

"He presented change in a down-to-earth manner."
"This was a paradigm-changing presentation!"Director, Lockheed Executive Management Institute
"Dr. Paul Radde is extremely sophisticated and knowledgeable."
"A full day would have been nice."
"He was fired up!"
"I liked the clarity of his presentation."

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